This is the programme skeleton. As you see, the item times haven’t been decided by the minute. There will also be ample break times to eat, drink, and be merry during the evenings.


Around 5 PM

  • Welcome to Åcon!
  • This is Åcon/This is Hal Duncan
  • Spelling Bee


2/3 PM

  • GoH Interview
    Merja Polvinen
  • Pixellated Intellectual Techno Peasant Wretching
  • Book Awards

Break 6 PM–8 PM

  • GoH Speech
  • Book Collecting
  • SF Liars Club


Around noon

  • Fandom-morning
    Snorfcon, Fanfunds, Pan-European Locus, Small Press etc.

Break 4 PM–6 PM

  • Book GoH
  • Guilty Pleasures
  • Literary ambition in SF vs. easy entertainment
  • Alternative History
  • Never Mind the Buzzaldrins…



  • The Future of Åcon

One comment

  1. Also the Finnish version of FINNCON-ANIMECON has been put to the webpages http://www.finncon.org today.

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