Hotel Info

Front view of the Hotel Adlon

Our con hotel is the Adlon, conveniently located right at Mariehamn’s Western Harbour (where the ferries dock). The hotel provides both the accommodation and the venue for the convention itself, so you never need to leave it (unless you want to go sightseeing in Mariehamn, of course).

The accommodation prices for the duration of the con (three nights, May 17–20) are:

  • double/twin room: 150 €/person
  • double/twin + additional bed: 120 €/person

Although we of course wish that everyone will attend the whole convention, it is also possible to book only two nights (May 18–20). In that case, the prices are 110 €/person in a double/twin room and 90 €/person in a double/twin with an additional bed. As all the rooms in the hotel are twin or double rooms, the price of booking a whole room for the use of just one person is 260 €/person for three nights or 190 €/person for two nights.

The rooms can be booked directly from the hotel, tel. +358 18 15400, fax +358 18 15077, or e-mail <info@alandhotels.fi>. Mention “Åcon” when reserving your beds. This offer will expire one month before the convention, so book your rooms by Friday 13 April.

As these prices are per bed and not per room, you should arrange with your friends for sharing rooms. A good forum for finding roommates is our discussion list.

Nearly all of the hotel’s 54 rooms are reserved for Åcon members. We can’t guarantee that non-members won’t be present at the hotel, but the more rooms we fill, the less likely it’ll be.

We have negotiated a special deal for cruiseferry transport to and from Mariehamn. You may also have the hotel arrange for your transport, but do note that their prices are the same as those available directly from Viking Line.

Updated 2007-01-12


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