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The Amazing Extending Deadlines

April 13, 2007

In case you’re in the middle of a mad last-minute rush, here’s a (very) slight bit or breathing room for you: the travel and hotel booking deadlines have been extended until the day after tomorrow, Sunday 15 April.


Travel Booking Deadline Approaching

April 9, 2007

The deadline to book your Åcon trip through us is Friday this week (April 13). So, act now to book the ridiculously inexpensive trip to the convention!


Book your trips!

January 12, 2007

Silja EuropaIt’s the new year, and we have a new deal for you to get yourself to Mariehamn for Åcon!

We’ve negotiated special rates with Silja Line, available only through us. For example, a return tip from Turku or Stockholm is only 10 €/person. Book now and tell your friends!