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It’s Åver!

May 21, 2007

Åcon is over and everybody’s gotten safely (as far as we know) off the island. The organisers wish to thank all the members — and especially our amazing Guest of Honour Hal Duncan — for making this con the success it was!

We welcome feedback (positive and negative) from everybody who attended — you can leave a comment on this post, or e-mail it to the committee if you don’t want all the world to see it. There’ll be a separate post for linking to the con reports, photos, and blog posts a bit later.


Programme Skeleton Ready

May 9, 2007

Yes, we have programming at Åcon! The programme page contains a general structure of the programme items during the convention. As you can see, the programming is quite relaxed, with ample time to see Mariehamn, eat, and find time to talk with friends in the bar.


Notes from the GoH Show

October 22, 2006

If you wish to know more about our Guest of Honour, Hal Duncan, you now need go no further than our “GoH” page (see menu on the right).

Thanks to Merja Polvinen for contributing the text!