Whåt They Are Saying

May 22, 2007

Con reports and blog posts about Åcon are being gathered here. If you know of some that aren’t mentioned, please put a link to it in the comments, and we’ll add it to the list.

Note: when blogging about the con, please tag your posts with ‘åcon’, so they will be easier to find. The same goes for photos too.




  1. Jonas Wissting has his pictures at http://eelwing.no-ip.org/Foto/album.php?album=Fandom/Cons/Aacon

  2. I’ve put my pictures up here:

  3. I put my pictures here:


  4. I also put my photos on Flickr, with the ID ssilvonen, tagged Åcon:


    Apparently Flickr shows pictures in the photostream in the order of uploading, which is almost exactly opposite to the order in which they were taken, and I haven’t discovered a way to change this. If you want to view all my photos in correct order, choose the “Åcon” set and view it as a slideshow.

  5. I’ve recently written a short report (in Norwegian) and added a few photos.


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