It’s Åver!

May 21, 2007

Åcon is over and everybody’s gotten safely (as far as we know) off the island. The organisers wish to thank all the members — and especially our amazing Guest of Honour Hal Duncan — for making this con the success it was!

We welcome feedback (positive and negative) from everybody who attended — you can leave a comment on this post, or e-mail it to the committee if you don’t want all the world to see it. There’ll be a separate post for linking to the con reports, photos, and blog posts a bit later.



  1. Fucking brilliant! Thanks to simply everybody!

  2. Yep. Brilliant! Thanks for all. See you in Copenhagen :-) Olav

  3. A big hand to organizers! Probably the most relaxed con I’ve attented. Nice mix of not-too-serious fannish activities and plenty of time for Åland sightseeing (or sitting in a bar with other fen, if that was one’s preference). I truly hope that there will be a second Åcon!

    Some photos:

    Set 1, Set 2 and Set 3.


  4. I just want to agree that it was a very good con. And the boat trip to and from Åland added to the positive experience since it felt as part of the con.

  5. Åcon Åcon Åcon! This was a real hotel convention. Now just add a book room and we don’t need no steenkin’ Eastercon. (Seriously, I might look into the possibility of bringing the SAAM books next time.)

  6. If you can arrange transport for the SAAM books, we can definitely look into providing a space. I think SF Bokhandeln also displayed interest in having a few books on sale.

    Of course, if the next one is a year from now, you’ll now have to skip the Tolkien festivities, because you are the semi-official bookseller of the con now. Sorry about that… :)

  7. Or I might send someone else… I just looked up the price for beringing a car on the ferry, and they aren’t too bad. I’ll definitely look into it next time.

  8. Yep. Great con.


  9. Excellent news! I just checked the Forodrim Jubilee dates, and it isn’t Ascension at all! The Forodrim Jubilee is on June 6-8. OTOH, the Ascension long weekend is May 1-4 next year, and that might cause problems too…

  10. Great con! The only thing I regret is having been too tired to participate in the zombie-till-dawn room parties. Luckily (or not, for those who would rather forget…) everybody had cameras so we sleepyheads could relive the parties in digital format dagen efter.

    I am definitely interested in participating next year, and might even go as far as volunteering to help in the organization, if possible (I’ll probably be quite busy next spring for personal reasons, and so will Vesa, so don’t go snaring him for anything major either ;-).

    One idea that I think was not mentioned in the feedback session on Sunday was an Åcon T-shirt for next year (although it’s such an obvious idea that it must already have been discussed at some point). Just crossed my mind as I was admiring my authentic pirate flag T-shirt from the maritime museum.

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